Hi, I'm Wolfgang from Vienna/Austria/Europe,
and this is my stop smoking site.

I'm a happy ex-smoker since Jun. 6th 1996.
I stopped after more then 20 years of smoking.
If you need help, join 'alt.support-stop-smoking'
the best stop smoking news-group on WWW.

In Vienna we have a German speaking
*Nicotine Anonymous* NICA group
every Monday night at 7:00 p.m.

For information mail to: nica_w@chello.at

Without exaggeration I can say a new life started.
Only my weight has become a problem. But time by time
also this became better. Slowly it returns to the point I had been before I stopped smoking. I'm not slim,
I never had been ,but I'm content now.
In June 2001 I started running, first time in my
life I made regular sport and I really can say I
switched from nicotine addiction to running addiction.
How ever, I think it is a good choice.
more about my running on: members.chello.at/sugplan/run/run01.html
Also much help you will find on a NICA (nicotine anonymous) group near your home.
You can post on 'alt.recovery nicotine' for information
or have a look on: http://nicotine-anonymous.org/
or: http://www.slip.net/~billh/nica.home.html
and also to: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/6100/index.html

If you need help or information have also a look on:
Alcoholics anonymous/ AA  :
Narcotics Anonymous / NA :
Overeaters Anonymous / OA : 
Emotion Anonymous / EA : 

alt.support.stop-smoking come-togather in NYC
1997 and 1998

Michael, Joyce, CarolC, Wolfgang
Come-together May 22 '98 in NYC

Joyce,Wolfgang, CarolC
Come-together June 5 '99 in NYC
to celebrate Wolfgang's 3Y

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