We are Borg - We are  ONE family  ;-)

Ich habe ein paar Borg Sprücherl gesammelt. Folgende stammen von Jakob Lenfers jakob@drss.de:

I am Spock of Borg.
Emotions are futile. Assimilation is faszinierend.

I am Chakotay of Borg! We are far away from the cubes of our fathers.

I am Pavel Chekov of Borg! Resistance is futile.
You will be assimilated. And the Cube was invented by Russians in 19....

I am Deutsche Bahn AG of BORG.
Your time will be wasted. Fahrpläne are futile.

The Borg's Guide to the Galaxy: <friendly Letters>Don't resist.</>

Ich bin Garak von Borg. Ich bin nur ein einfacher Schneider.
Huch, sollte ich sie etwa assimiliert haben?

I am R2D2 of Borg! *beep* *beep* *knirsch* *beeeep*

I am Brisko Schneider of Borg! Halooo liiebe Assimiliieerenden!

Ho ho ho! I am Santa Claus of Borg. Nice assimilation all together!

Diese hier sind von Peter Möckli:

Borg -- James Borg -- licensed to assimilate.

Borger King - We do it our way! Your way is irrelevant!

I am Bart of Borg, Don't have an assimilation man.

I am Bill Gates - of Borg95. Resistance is futile. You will drop your
decent OS and install mine. Stability and freedom are irrelevant. Your
life, as it has been, is over. From this time on you will service - us

I am Caesar of Borg. Veni vidi assimiliti...

I am Darth Vader of Borg. May the Collective be with you.

I am David Duke of Borg; you will be discriminated.

I am Doc Brown of Borg: You will be.... ahhhh... be...... ahhhh
Great Scot! 1.21 gigawatts!.......

I'm Einstein of Borg. Assimilation is relative.

I am Duncan Macborg of the clan Macborg. You will be assimilated. In
the end, we will be only one.

I am Elmer of Borg, Wesistance is usewess! hahahahaha!

I am Homer of Borg, prepare to be.... ooh! Donughts!

I'm your wife of Borg. Your money will be assimilated. Resistence is
extremely futile.

I´m Gates of Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. If
you are already assimilated, update to assimilation 97 for only 149 $

Rick of Borg : Hands up who likes me!

Spock of Borg: I am and will be... assmililated. A search is

We are are Odie of Borg- Pant Pant Pant. Slurping is irrelivant

We are Anna Nichole Smith of Borg. You will be implanted.

We are Beavis and Butthead of Borg. Resistance sucks. We ll kick your ass.

We are Bill Gates of Borg: asking for your money back is futile

We are Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. But we're
not home right now, so leave a message after the tone and we'll
assimilate you later... (beep)

We are Chewbacca of Borg- Waugh Yayyyaaaya Auuughghghghg

We are Hobbes of Borg- Tuna Fish is irrelivant. But comics are not.

We are the Bjorn Borg...a comeback is futile...

Yoda of Borg I am. Assimilated you will be, hmm?

Ach ja, wenn ihr auch welche habt dann assimiliere ich sie sodann wo@chello.at